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Fil Engineers is a boutique engineering consulting firm, specialized in providing personalised service and expert solutions to architects, designers, and business or property developers. We are positioned to respond quickly to requests and begin projects sooner than many larger firms while providing our clients with a superior experience.

We are highly experienced in structural design, earthquake damage assessment and repair solution development. Over the last seven years FIL engineering has conducted over 800 engineering assessments and completed 300 structural designs. Our approach is to find the most innovative and cost-effective engineering solution that is both sustainable and satisfies the client’s brief. We use sophisticated analysis and design software in order to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

Because we take a collaborative, client-first approach to all projects, we  achieve a high level of service delivery that exceeds expectations every time. Whether you’re an architect, builder, new home-buyer or property investor we’ll show you the same degree of care and professionalism.