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Welcome to FIL Engineers, your trusted partner for expert structural designs, seismic assessments, and innovative retrofitting solutions. Whether you’re embarking on a new commercial or residential project, our experienced team utilizes cutting-edge tools and techniques to ensure streamlined designs and tackle unique challenges. 
From comprehensive seismic assessments to efficient business processes, we are dedicated to delivering top-notch engineering services tailored to your needs.

Structural Design and Analysis

FIL Engineers provide structural designs for new buildings and alterations to commercial and residential projects.

For large-scale structures, designs are undertaken using three-dimensional structural modelling tools such as SAP2000. At FIL Engineers, we always ensure the most effective and streamlined design solution is provided due to our extensive experience in integrating our quality and design systems with other leading industry service providers involved in the design process.

On residential projects, FIL Engineers take careful considerations of  the unique challenges and constructability issues that face many building projects. We use innovative retrofitting concepts to tackle common issues relating to inadequate space or building on a challenging site.  FIL Engineers  draft the CAD/Revit design plans and manage the consenting process on your behalf with local authorities such as the Christchurch City Council.

Seismic Assessment and Strengthening

FIL Engineers undertakes a wide range of seismic assessments, including:

  • Earthquake damage assessment
  • Rover inspections/ sub-floor inspection
  • Initial Seismic Assessment (ISA)
  • Detailed Seismic Assessment (DSA)

Seismic assessments are usually supported by seismic strengthening proposals, which outline our key recommendations for the project.

Other Engineering Services

  • Scala Penetrometer Testing
  • Construction Monitoring for a wide range of civil and structural projects
  • House pre-purchase structural assessment – 5 days turn-around time
  • Construction observation of earthquake repair process

Our Process

FIL Engineers take pride in having efficient and robust business processes to ensure we consistently deliver for our clients. To help you understand how we work, below is a link to some of our business processes:


Industry and Professional Partners


Heavy Engineering Research Centre

HERA creates value through collaboration and being the industry stimulus for research, innovation and development. Delivering a trusted national center for design, manufacturing technology and quality assurance.


New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering

The Society provides a forum for technical debate, promotes reconnaissance of local and overseas earthquakes, is involved in the evolution of relevant legislation and regulations, and contributes to planning for, response to, and recovery from, earthquakes.


Engineering New Zealand

Engineering New Zealand is a not-for-profit professional body that promotes the integrity and interests of members, the profession, and the industry. It seeks to “bring engineering to life” and has more than 20,000 members


Standards New Zealand

Standards New Zealand is an International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) member organisation that develops internationally aligned New Zealand standards (NZS) and participates in standards-related activities that deliver benefit to the nation.

Trust Advisor

The Association of Consulting Engineers New Zealand

ACENZ is a firm based membership organisation representing consulting professionals in the built and natural environment. They are the trusted advisor providing business leadership in matters relating to the built and natural environment


Structural Engineering Society New Zealand

SESOC promotes the science, art and practice of structural engineering ensures the advancement and dissemination of knowledge relating to structural engineering and provides a forum for structural engineering practitioners to communicate amongst themselves and to the public at large.