Andre Boiser

Managing Director

Andre has more than 25 years work experience in cross-functional and multi-disciplinary engineering companies such as Hyundai Engineering and Construction, WSP Asia, Global Water Engineering, Fletcher Construction and Fletcher Earthquake Recovery.

He has a proven ability in civil/structural engineering projects such as wastewater treatment plants, railway, multi-storey buildings and residential construction. Andre is able to manage projects from concept to detailed design, through the building consent process and construction management, whilst developing innovative and pragmatic solutions.

He is just like any other Kiwi bloke who is sports obsessed – whether it be badminton, basketball, golf or even pistol shooting, he loves them all. He will be representing New Zealand at the 2021 World Shoot in Thailand and is rated in the top ten shooters of our country.  Andre’s enjoys listening to self-help, business and motivational books and the words he lives by are from Marcus Aurelius: “Waste no time debating what a good man should be. Just be one.”