Andre Boiser, Principal Engineer
Andre Boiser has more than 20 years’ experience in cross-functional and multi-disciplinary engineering. He’s worked with international giants such as Hyundai Construction, WSP Asia and Global Water Engineering, through to Fletcher Construction and Fletcher Earthquake Recovery (EQR).

With a strong track record of providing specialist engineering and drafting services to the New Zealand construction industry, Andre and his team is also known for delivering high quality services to the architecture and engineering sectors.

Since moving to Christchurch in December 2010 Andre has helped Cantabrians rebuild their homes and the city they live in, and is committed to the vision of improving the lives of ordinary Kiwis using smart and innovative design.

The Team
Fil Engineers Team

The wider FIL Engineers team consists of qualified structural engineers, drafting team and administrators. We believe in employing experienced and highly-motivated staff who demonstrate exceptional competence and professionalism.